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 The next club’s monthly meeting will take place on February 26th, 2019. In “Darchey Noam” school. Avi Orn Str Petach-Tikva.

Club Meeting
Telford 2017

IPMS Israel

IPMS Israel was founded in 1987 as an initiative of a few enthusiast modelers in Israel. The Israeli Modelers’ Club, as referred to at the time, started with a dozen members or so, and by 1990 had over 200. Today, IPMS Israel is associated to the international plastic modelers’ societies (IPMS), and also has over 200 members.
Our goals include:

  1. Expanding the modeling hobby in Israel.
  2. Improving the skills of our members.
  3. Exchanging professional information amongst modelers interested in Israeli models.
  4. Holding events of mutual interest.

Twice per year we publish a magazine called “In Scale”, or “Kne Mida” in Hebrew. This magazine is written in Hebrew with English photo captions, and contains many photos of IDF armor and IAF aircraft including color profiles. An English summary is optional with each issue for non-Hebrew readers. Every issue contains about 40 pages, printed on high quality chromo paper. The magazine can also be bought separately, without joining IPMS Israel as members.

Conferences and exhibitions are another major activity we hold. These are held to expose IPMS Israel to the public, to have our members meet and exchange information and tips, and also for professional tours (such as IDF bases and Museums). Usually we hold two major conferences a year (summer and December), apart from monthly meetings aimed at keeping good touch among the members.

Designed and created by Hobbytech – All you need for models
Established by a models builder for the Israeli models builders

הצטרף כחבר למועדון בוני הדגמים – לפרטים

צור איתנו קשר באמצעות טופס צור קשר

כתובת המועדון למשלוח דברי דואר
ת.ד 65131
תל אביב 6165101
(אין לשלוח מכתבים רשומים)

מפת הגעה למקום המפגשים החודשיים
בית הספר “דרכי נועם” ברחוב אבי אורן, פתח תקווה
(מבנה בית הספר נמצא מזרחית לחניה המצוינת ולא במקום המסומן על המפה)

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