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“Kne-Mida” magazine

Shalom and Welcome

IPMS Israel publishes twice per year a magazine called “In Scale”, or “Kne Mida” in Hebrew. This magazine is written in Hebrew with English photo captions, and contains many photos of IDF armor and IAF aircraft including color profiles. An English summary is optional with each issue for non-Hebrew readers. Every issue contains about 40 pages, printed on high quality chromo paper. The magazine can also be bought separately, without joining IPMS Israel as members.

Kne Mida purchase options for non-Israeli residents include:

  1. A four-magazines overseas subscription: includes worldwide airmail postage, with subscription fee of 50 USD for four magazines.
  2. Separate back issues overseas purchase: issues 1-30 are already out of stock, but issues 31 onwards are available at the price of 12.5 USD each (minimum order is 25 USD), including worldwide airmail postage.
  3. Multiple back issues purchase (more than five issues) can be made at a reduced price. Please contact us before placing an order.

Kne Mida 16
December 1992

Kne Mida 15
Jne 1992

Kne ida 14
March 1992

Kne Mida 13
December 1991

Kne Mida 12
September 1991

Kne Mida 11
June 1991

Kne Mida 10
March 1991

Kne Mida 9
November 1990

Kne Mida 8
August 1990

Kne Mida 7
March 1990

Kne Mida 6
November 1989

Kne Mida 5
July 1989

Kne Mida 4
March 1889

Kne Mida 3
November 1988

Kne Mida 2
August 1988

Kne Mida 1
April 1988

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