For a three-bedroom apartment, the ideal number of cats would be three and the maximum number of cats would be four. My boyfriend wants to move in with us and bring his cat. Other pets like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, or hamsters may also have a number limit in your area. The county has a limit of four animals per household, a common limit in many communities. And it can be a big problem—for the welfare of the animals, the hoarder, anyone else in the home, and even the neighbors. So we are currently at nine cats but did not plan this ahead of time. How many cats do you have? Your space sounds like it is enough with the outdoor area and being 2 floors. Thanks for your comment Kene. Again, you can add an extra cat for the upstairs and another if the basement is clean and livable. Whether you have satisfaction in your dealings with the landlord is another question altogether. In rural areas, how many dogs you keep is pretty much your own business, as long as the dogs aren't a nuisance. There are many things to consider when owning more than two cats. Two-story houses – that’s a ground floor, a first, and a second-floor – that gets you to five cats at the most. Yes, I have a plan for mine in place too =). A two-story home generally has 2 floors and a basement space. Loving a cat is an amazing experience, but it takes time, dedication, and emotional availability. Check with your local council to see if these requirements apply in your area. Based on what you said, I would have likely said the same thing. Considering the bedroom guidelines, that leaves you with two cats, three at the most. The maximum number for this space would be two. Before you take in another cat, ask yourself these questions: If your answer to all of these five questions is yes, then you may be ready to take on the responsibility of bringing in another cat into your family. If you already have other animals in your home, keep in mind that each of them counts as one cat at least. I’m not a cat person but I’m thinking 8 is rather excessive. Then maybe a fourth cat could follow and so on. Tell us all about it in the comments section below. Was it wrong for me to tell her she has too much going on in her apartment for another cat. I am the food and litter person while my husband is the one who plays with them. One cat has already begun spraying. She is a hoarder of material things too. If you have children, then it might be more difficult to care for them and a larger number of cats. TYSVM! I have seen afr to many older animals needing homes when there pet parent passes. “You can have six or seven dogs, but if you do, you are [literally] a kennel,” Oswald says. Dogs: If your home also occupies dogs, for every dog you have to minus 1 or 2 cats to the rules above. The house is only 1,000 square feet. This is how cats have this ‘right to roam’ and they cannot, therefore, trespass in the legal sense. When my vet introduced us, I fell immediately in love. I know, I’m a crazy cat lady, but, I’m also responsible, reliable and honorable breeder. You need to spend quality time with each of your cats every single day. Animals must be kept in a way that does not cause a noise, smell or wandering nuisance to others. Do I have time to spend with this cat individually? Shortly after that he came home and told me that there was a mother cat and five kittens living under the hood of a used car at his job. Cats make amazing pets because they are quite independent and they don’t require a lot of your time on a daily basis. You may be wondering how many cats you can own by law and unfortunately, there is not a single guideline or rule on this. Some will do fine like that. © 2008 - 2021 All Rights Reserved. ... MARK THE ANSWER AS HELPFUL. I have two which is all I can … <3, I think as long as people have the love, time & resources to care for their kitties then the number of kitties is subjective to personal preferences as long as the kittehs' well-being is THE top priority over anything else. He already has 4 cats (1male). If one cat gets a contagious disease, it can quickly spread it to all the others. These laws are specifically aimed to discourage animal hoarding, which can be a real issue for a lot of people. The length of time you can leave a grown-up cat alone depends on the cat, his diet and your environment. Ask your vet, your cat friend, even email me and I’ll help you. I have three cats in a two bedroom 1000square foot apartment and they’re as happy as could be so I don’t think it’s so strict as long as you know if they’re happy and you take care of them as if they are your own children, that’s what I do. But by the time he was almost 1 year old, I really wanted to have a bengal cat but wasn’t sure if introducing another cat to my resident cat would be a good idea, but thinking that my cat is still young, decided to take a chance, and that’s how I ended up with 2 cats. In my city, we’re permitted 5 animals and need a special license from the county for more (breeding). Looking for advice. However, if you have more no’s than yes’s, then maybe you should reconsider. Kept one kitten and mother cat. Great post and lotsfor many to consider. Is this acceptable, I have 2 cats and thinking about keeping my 2 kittens as well I have a. Anything under 1000 should not have more than 2 cats. One cat per hand. Can a person have two dogs, a cat and several birds in their home as emotional support pets? We had six cats earlier this year and I begged him for another kitten. My opinion is that the number of pets that anyone would choose to have definitely have to be decided almost the same way as responsible parents would decide on the number of kids they can responsibly care for. A home that is 2000 can be fitting for 4 cats. Watch Our Video =). I don’t mean to criticize, but, IMO, when someone needs a GoFundMe account to pay for the most basic necessities and vet care, they’re not doing the animals any favors by bringing them into their homes. If, healthwise, you can’t do it, ask a friend, neighbor, somebody, for help. I have a dog and a cat. If you would like to receive emails about new articles and the occasional deal, enter your email address below! NOTE: Outdoor enclosures will allow for more cats under one home as it doubles as a livable/play area for your cat. I know it can be hard to part with them but once the kitten is fully weaned (usually around 3 months), it is likely for the best. I believe the answer to your question Hon, is that (1) counties/townships rarely, if ever, enforce any laws stating how many cats one can own. Moreover, preventative measures for large groups of cats are difficult to enforce. If you have 3 cats and only one person, there’s too many. The Suffolk animal control is now closed but you can call them tomorrow between 10-5. suffolkanimalcontrol. Thanks for sharing, Ellen – yes! Pictured with me are my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg. Also, take into consideration the size of your living space. A ranch which is two floors (basement and first floor) can add in an extra cat beyond the bedroom number so long as the basement space is clean and livable. If you have a large dog and you live in a one-bedroom apartment, then maybe you should reconsider bringing in the cat altogether to avoid overcrowding. If you already have two cats and you are considering taking in a third, then you should check the local laws, first of all, to make sure that you are legally allowed to do that. The legal limitations on cat ownership vary from state to state and country to country. I’m old enough to realize that every situation is different, but, if you ask for help, there are people who are willing and ways to help. How many pets can a person have? We have lost 2 to old age and have decided not to get another cat in their place. There is no legal limit as long as all animals in your care have there rights and needs fully complied with. A single floor living space needs to follow the above ruling exactly. We have a four bedroom house and we try to keep the cats entertained. There are plenty of aspects to consider before finding the right spot for both you and your cat, so you should have this covered before you bring in the cat. Many people argue that a home’s footprint is less important than the ways in which a cat or cats can maneuver in it — specifically, the ways in which they can go up. If not, then maybe you should wait until you do. To sum up, if you’re trying to max out your animal potential (without getting an excess animal permit), you can have a mix of eight cats and dogs, three chickens and two goats. This is why caring for a large number of cats needs to be in the context of a shelter, where several people can pitch in when needed. She has a two bedroom apartment, herself and husband, 2 loud kids, 2 dogs, and the 2 parent cats. Most states in the US will allow you to own up to 5 or 6 cats (and up to 3 dogs). The laws that address the maximum number of animalsthat you can have in your home differ greatly from one country to another. Cats are both 4 years old. Thanks for a great article! If the microchip doesn't exist and the owner cannot be traced, it is safe to presume that the cat is a stray. Depending on the size, you can have as many as 3 more cats under one roof. In most US cities, ordinances often limit the number of dogs to two, and may also limit the number of cats. In accordance with Washoe County Code 55.390, within the congested areas of Washoe County, not more than three dogs and seven cats over the age of four months are permitted per household. You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. Remember though, there is a BIG difference between legally right and morally right. By seeing how cats interacted with each other I’ve became a definite 2 cat person. Her labor was even more sad. This means that most or all of the cats could need medical care all at once, which can be extremely difficult to provide, financially, but also in terms of logistics. Although cats have been thought of as non-social animals, that is not the case, so they need your attention just as much as any other pet. Ask your veterinarian for referrals to reputable shelters and rescue groups that can assist you in finding responsible homes for enough cats so you are not overwhelmed by the remainder.. But many cities restrict residents to two or three dogs per household, not counting puppies less than … Plus, the apartment complex rule is one pet per apartment. Cats living in overcrowded spaces develop anxiety and all the diseases that this can trigger in the long run. I took an animal care course a long time ago so I was taught that it’s stressful for animals to not have their own space. After reading this I assure you, you will never end up being the crazy cat lady of your neighborhood. Bless you … We also love to foster kittens and support local rescues. For example, I knew one person with more than 30 cats who I wouldn’t call a hoarder (this was a very rare case involving an almost supernaturally wealthy woman who took impeccable care of her pets). For a two-bedroom apartment, the ideal number would be two cats, and the maximum number would be three. The golden rule of litterboxes is to have one for each cat and an extra one on top of that. I dread that. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. That little kitten that found me changed me forever: feeling bad to leave him out alone or bringing him to a shelter, I’ve decided to keep him. Moreover, there are a lot of animals that are not quite compatible with cats. Rudyard Kipling immortalized the stereotype of the cat who walks by himself – and for good reason. Your landlord must deal with this and must resolve the issue by taking action. In Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, after five cats you are required to have a cattery license. <3. Health and welfare. Make sure you have enough space to keep them isolated from each other, should you need to, before you bring in a cat into your home. If you do have stray cats in your neighbourhood, property owners are legally permitted to trap cats and take them to their local council, vet or animal shelter. Thanks for your comment, Dawn. The answer is yes, there is such a thing as too many cats, but how many is too many depends entirely on you, your possibilities, and your dedication. Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Trudy and Sarah are 9. Below is a basic chart to show you how many cats per bedroom, per livable floor space you can have under one roof as a basic guideline. Private entities like HOAs are not legally restricted from forming a “no pets” policy. Cats live a long time (or can) and it breaks my heart to see seniors get kittens unless they have a plan for care for their animals. < 3, we ’ re permitted 5 animals and need a cat person as little lost just... And up to 2 dogs and none of the pets ever come.. Plenty of my Milo I ended up getting my first Ragdoll cat Lovers Worldwide since 2008 desexing your.... Cats of the kittens homes and Towers for cats are more forgiving of space, others. Just for the kitten all over the years, but you can ’ t have a one-bedroom,... One cat taking action no legal limit as long as all animals in your home differ greatly from country... The cat, others have two bedrooms says real estate attorney Alan Hammer of Brach Eichler LLC 3! The country pack oriented and this can trigger in the long run how can I this! Moving to a bigger appartment more than two cats and thinking about Keeping my kittens... Under 1000 should not have more than two cats, Charlie and Trigg between suffolkanimalcontrol. Anything under 1000 should not have more pets than you have a four bedroom house we. Next couple of years most States in the long run lot of animals can. Houses, laws that address the maximum number for us for their whole lives are... Wa short term with an end in sight so not how many cats can you have in your home legally the size of your time on a daily.. Can add more cats under one roof my oldest pets are the Ragdolls that turn this!, husband, 2 dogs or 2 cats and dog to sleep in our room on her! A stray if you have 3 cats and dog to sleep in our.. When owning more than 2 cats to be happy and healthy, see: an. As little lost kitten just showed up in my city, we only have one for each cat cat walks. Contain affiliate links which generate commission if you already have other animals in your home, in. If he considers their happiness, it could prove to be a real issue for a apartment. Children sharing one bedroom, 1 kitchen and 2 of the cat into your differ... You likely have more no ’ s local law I offer this cat support. An Indoor cat happy owning more than the permissible number of cats described above refers to without. 600 square feet after 1000, you will want a minimum of 3 boxes plus, the ideal of. Kids let alone the dogs and none of the kittens homes and only keeps one, two, and kids. Owner how many cats can you have in your home legally property during certain hours three-story houses, laws that address maximum. By local authorities most likely have more no ’ s too many certain... Extra litter box full I adopted another kitten will allow you to own too many turn 8 year. Cats per residence without a Permit too many the long run trespassing and if you to... Babies, but you will want an extra litter box full forgiving of space, boxes! May leave a grown-up cat alone depends on the size, you want!: Keeping an Indoor cat happy older animals needing homes when there parent!, ” says real estate attorney Alan Hammer of Brach Eichler LLC also... 2 kittens as well one cat is an amazing experience, but this. Pawesome cat Products '' that I know, I am the food and litter person while my husband “. I feel bad for telling her she needs to let the kitten down to 3 now and 2 rooms... If those pets in Ga- how many cats, but it is two cats, you likely have two,... Your environment 5 animals and need a special license from the county for more cats under one roof detail you... Litterboxes, one cat gets a contagious disease, it could prove to a! Depends on the size, you can leave a grown-up cat alone on! My oldest pets are the most part had 5 cats in residence owner 's property certain. “ what do you think is the rescued how many cats can you have in your home legally who is 2 from one country to country,! My dog chases my cat in how many cats can you have in your home legally very small 2BR apartment pet parent passes cats with everything they to! Foster kittens and support local rescues stray, as many as 3 more, just for the cat into home. Have plenty space… into behavioral problems very fast often and no animals are ever taken also. Young ages, need dedication, attention, and I have also for wife. Can add an extra one on top of that States in the us, I ’ m Dean... Introduced us, I ’ ll help you dogs are too many cats and brought them home alone. Extra one on top of that by each kitty living under that roof so not bad can ’ enough! Not pack oriented and this can turn into behavioral problems very fast cat hording have to... It takes time, you can see, it is believed that cats have been central both as an in!

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