Leadership style is a typical behavior pattern adopted by the leader to influencing has followers or leading his people. There are many different leadership styles distinguished by many different authors. Leadership styles are on a continuum, ranging from autocratic at one end, to laissez-faire at the other, with a variety of styles in between. Autocratic Leadership Some models of management and leadership styles Rensis Likert Early theories about management and leadership style focused primarily on the manner by which authority was exercised. To examine how your leadership style relates to other styles of leadership Directions 1. As leadership is "the process of influencing a 0rgonized group toward accomplishing its goals. Describe behavioral features important for effective leadership. 3. Features of Leadership. As the name suggests, situational leadership theory states that different situations call for different leadership styles. Each of these styles has a different effect on people's emotions, and each has strengths and weaknesses in different situations. 3. The leadership styles properly used in a given situation depends on several factors as follows: à The personality and maturity of the manager. List practices to improve leadership skills. With the right leadership approach, education heads can turn an average school into a successful one. Leaders exist all over the world in different kinds and types. It’s a good idea to learn as much about these styles as possible for two important reasons: Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Share Tweet. pragmatic space, giving room to explore leadership styles and how they connect to a definition such as this. In the late 1930s, Dr. Kurt Lewin and 2 graduate students conducted a series of interesting experiments of leadership styles at the University of Iowa. Describe the different styles of leadership. Some of them are interchangeable, but not everything can be used in anytime. Autocratic leadership style modern leadership styles, leadership styles can be categorized as follows: (1) transformational leadership style, (2) transactional leadership style, (3) culture-based leadership, (4) charismatic leadership, and (5) visionary leadership (Harris, et al., 2007).

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